How To Fix A Dripping Tap

There are two types of taps: the traditional sort with two taps – one tap for hot water and one tap for cold – and the monobloc mixer tap. A constant drip from a traditional tap signals that a perished rubber washer inside needs replacing; if it’s a dripping mixer tap, it could be the ceramic cartridge.

First, turn the water off; you can do this either at the stopcock or the valve on the supply pipes under the sink. Turn the taps on to drain off any water remaining in the pipes then plug the sink or bath hole so you don’t lose any small parts!

For traditional taps, unscrew the top of the tap. Disassemble the layered parts, using a spanner to remove the nut that holds the spindle in place.

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Support the spout of the tap while you do this to prevent buckling. Untwist the spindle to access the bottom washer. If you don’t already have replacement washers, take the spindle and old washers to a hardware shop to find the right kind. Fit all parts back into place with the new washers and restore the water supply.

The screw-on mixer tap cartridge tends to be tiny and located on the underside of the tap control lever. Follow the diagram to access the cartridge. If you don’t already have a replacement cartridge, take the old one to a hardware shop so you can purchase the right kind. Put the tap back together as before with the new cartridge in place.

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