How to grow sunflowers

Sow some Sunflower Seeds and Enjoy These Good Mood Blooms

There are so many ways to enjoy sunflowers! Their sunny faces can’t help but make you smile, they make great cut flowers to spread the cheer indoors and you can toast the seeds to make a deliciously crunchy snack. And whatever your garden style, there’s a sunflower variety to suit. HOW TO GROW Sunflowers are super-easy to grow from seed, just as long as you plant them in a sunny spot that enjoys at least six hours of sunshine a day.

How to grow sunflowers

For the biggest blooms, grow them in the ground. Dig the soil first so it’s nice and crumbly, and mix in some compost – sunflowers aren’t fussy, so just use up whatever compost you have. Push the seeds 1cm deep into the soil, spacing them 60-90cm apart. Water well. Slugs and snails love munching on sunflower shoots, so push the top half of a plastic bottle, with the lid removed, over the top. You can grow them in a pot, too – just use the biggest one you have!

iLet’s grow t together We all love making lovely stuff in our gardens, so let’s do it together! Each month, we’ll enjoy an easy project and share the fun on our Facebook page, and we hope you will too – search Modern Gardens Magazine’. This month we’re growing sunflower seeds to bring some much-needed cheer to our lives in lockdown. We’re looking forward to seeing your pots being planted, your flowers blooming, a bowl of toasted seed kernels on your patio table and a seed head on your bird table, too!

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