How To Make A Basic Shelter

Carry a ground sheet with you to create a basic shelter. They’re windproof, waterproof and light to transport. The reinforced holes round their borders are designed for pegging and easy tying.


You’ll need a rope for this. String the rope between two trees growing close together.

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Throw the ground sheet over the spine made by the rope and secure to the ground on either side.


As well as a ground sheet, you’ll also need a small saw, a knife and a length of cord.

Cut three sturdy, straight branches into long poles: two of them need to be the same length (about two metres) and roughly the same diameter; the third can be about half a metre shorter. Cut one end of each pole at an angle to make them easier to drive into the ground.

With the cord to hand, plant the angled ends of the two longer poles firmly into the ground so that they cross over at the top when they lean towards each other. Wedge the shorter pole into the ground, to make a triangular shape with the base of the other two poles, and secure it to the crossover with the cord. It helps if this pole has a fork at the top to support the crossover from underneath.

Attach the centre of the ground sheet’s long side to the crossover. Spread it over the forked branch. Peg the sides and bottom of the sheet to the ground with sticks.


Follow method two above, but cut a longer third pole to form a spine. Cut pairs of decreasingly shorter branches to cross and tie into the spine. Cover with the ground sheet, or use branches with dense foliage.

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