Why bother when you’re going to climb into it again tonight? It’s entirely a matter of choice but here are the plusses: a tidy bed makes the whole room look tidy; it’s nice to come home to; it’s a pleasure to climb into after a long day; and it can make you feel organised and in control.

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• Pull back the bedding while you’re washing and dressing to let it air. Puff up pillows and shake duvets into shape before exiting the bedroom.

• Aim to change sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases once a week.

• Wash duvet covers inside out. Then when you make the bed you can put your arms through the opening, find and hold the cover’s top corners, grasp the corners of the duvet cover’s short sides and shake the cover over the duvet.

• If using unfitted sheets, place them so there is even fabric hanging down on all sides. Smooth and tuck the surplus fabric top and bottom before securing the sides with hospital corners – the best way of keeping the bottom sheet secure (see image). Puff up the pillows before putting the fresh pillowcases on them

• If you prefer blankets to duvets, follow the same procedure for the top sheet and blankets as you did for the bottom sheet and fold the corners so they’re secure.

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