How To Prepare A Wall For Painting

Painting a room is relatively quick to do and the finish can look professional if the preparation is done well.

Move all the furniture to the centre of the room and cover with old sheets, disposable dust covers or newspaper to guard against paint splatters. Cover the floor well with similar protection, taping protective coverings to the floor edges before painting skirting boards to protect the floor from paint drips.

Dust walls and all paintwork – including dado rails, picture railings, mouldings and skirting boards -to prevent particles from clogging up the new paint. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom walls with a sponge and soapy water to remove grime and grease and leave to dry before painting. Fill cracks or holes with filler (see ‘Fill a crack or hole’ above) and scrape away any cracked or flaky paint.

Protect window frames, skirting boards, picture rails, light switches, wall light fittings and power points with closely fitting strips of masking tape.

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Take time to apply the tape carefully as this will allow you to paint the walls speedily.

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