How To Remove Chewing Gum From Furniture

There’s a variety of ways to shift hardened chewing gum off furniture. Here are a couple that are.

Simple to do and least likely to cause damage.


• Oil method: Soak a piece of paper towel or a clean cloth with vegetable oil and push it against all sides of the blob of gum. The oil should work its way under the edges and release the gum’s grip. Polish off any residue oil once the gum has been removed.

• Ice method: Put some ice cubes into a small plastic food or freezer bag.

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Hold the bag against the gum to freeze it solid. Then lever the gum off the furniture with a blunt knife, being careful not to dig into the wood.


• Sticky tape method: Strong duct tape is the best type to use for this job. Cut a piece and apply the sticky side to the gum to pull it away from the fabric. Keep repeating with clean pieces of tape until all the gum is gone.

• Ice method: Using ice to freeze the gum should also work on furnishing fabric. Afer the ice has worked its magic – and if the fabric is washable – finish with a little warm, soapy water then rinse and pat dry. If the gum’s stuck to a cushion cover, take the cover off the pad before treating.

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