How To Style Bookshelves

So one of the most commonly asked questions I get it how to style and particularly how to style a shelf or bookshelf. So today I’m going to show you three different ways that you can style your bookshelf with things you probably already have at home. So today we’re going to style a simple shelf and what I love about the shelves is you really can put them anywhere and they can serve a lot of different functions. So for our first styling of this bookshelf we’re go on think in three’s.

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So I’ve gathered three different groupings. First I’m starting with this vase. The reason I chose this vase is it’s got a textural element and it’s got height to the bookshelf. So we’ll put that up in one corner. So the second thing we’re go on add is books and the reason we’re go on add book is this is a vertical element and we want something then horizontal to offset that. So we’ll put our books right beside it. And then the third thing we’re going to add something personal, something sculptural, something that has character and meaning. In this case we’re going to add our little buddha. And something sculptural on top of the bookshelf. So you can see here for our first styling of the bookshelf we’ve got three different things. We’ve got three different heights, and we’ve got three different textures. The second way we’re going to style this bookshelf is using art. I love using out because sometimes we have those pieces that just don’t fit a certain wall and wanted to display in our home and a bookshop is a great place for them. This piece of art we’re just go on display over here. We’ve got a second piece of art which I love. I got in New York from a local photographer.

We’re go on put it on the opposite side. Just to note what I did do is frame them in a similar frame and a similar matting so that they would tie together. And then the second thing we’re going to add to this bookshelf is just some quirky fun objects. These are some birds my daughter found at a vintage store. I’m go on put those over in the corner. A little cute bowl beside it that’s got some gold to tie in. And then over here we’ve got the gold lion again tying in with our elements here. And another brass item. So in this book shelf styling the reason it works it has the art there’s elements with the art the gold the white frames that tie it together. It has sculptural items on both sides that tie it together and it gives it more of an eclectic fun look.

So for our third styling of this bookshelf we’re go on go back to our rules of three’s. The first item that I chose is using some vases and again when using vases think of three’s. I’m go on put the highest one here. The medium one there and then if you want to think in three’s and have something how about a small plant it’s always nice to add fresh flowers or something live and greenery to your space. The second thing we’re going to add to the bookshelf is a box. And you really can never have too many of these at home. They’re great. They hold all the things that you don’t want seen very functional and look great on a simple shelf like this. And then the third thing we’re go on add art to this one as well. Just to give it some different heights and different texture and the show personality. So again you don’t need to hang it you can just lean the art. And I always like adding just something sculptural or small an eclectic in front of it. In this case will use this cube. So you can see here in this we’ve got three different heights going on we’ve got different shapes we’ve got three different groupings but the thing that tie it together are the white’s are the gold’s and I think it creates a nice collected look. So I hope I’ve inspired you to style up your bookshelf. If I have please leave a comment below.

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