Ideas For Decorating Home

Ideas For Decorating Home

* You’re looking for new or gently used appliances, try Sears Outlet stores. They have the rock bottom prices, and even if an appliance has been used slightly, they guarantee it. Jt is the best place for any type of appliances, also with a huge selection.

* Add a rolling island for an additional workspace and storage. We caught a sale on these at a big box store, and while my husband took three days to put together, it was worth it just for the storage space.

* Thrift stores are loaded with different types of canisters, even the three-canister matching type. Same with dishes, glassware, seasonal platters, coffee makers and frou-frou bar drink glasses.

* Appliances go on sale in January and August, so plan accordingly.

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I never liked formal dining rooms! I feel they are not necessary unless you’re a socialite or have a huge family. At any rate, housing builders do not agree, so sometimes we’re stuck with them. (Ideas for the space include a den or much needed exercise room…)

You can cut corners here (socialites excluded) because this table will not get much use at all. And if you have lots of frou-frou display items, hutches or side tables can be useful.

Your dishes don’t have to match. Some of the most interesting tables sport mismatched dishware. Buy one of a kind or discontinued plates. Thrift stores have basic white plates, so build your settings from there and use your imagination.

Have some fun with centerpieces, for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. In the picture below, I made a Fall arrangement with a few gourds from the grocery store, a basket on hand, a few candles and little shiny leaves from the dollar store. It cost a few dollars, but looked nice on my kitchen table for two months.

If you have a choice, install wood or tile floors in the dining room, as carpeting will catch all crumbs and need vacuuming often, not to mention the spill factor.

Make sure candles are dripless and non-scented.

In tiny apartments, try a pedestal table with extra storage. Also, glass tables are great for small spaces and open up the room.

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