Ideas For Living Room Design

Ideas For Living Room Design

Microwaves vary wildly in price, so decide whether you’ll be using all the extra buttons. Perhaps you could use a simpler model.

Stoves are right in the middle of the electric versus gas debate! I think gas stoves are dirtier, and make the kitchen grimy, while husband feels gas ranges are perfect. He cooks, so generally he gets the last word on that! But in defense of new electric ranges, a lot have the ‘instant hot’ feature which puts them on par with gas when heating up dinner!

When you’re looking at kitchens, perhaps you’re moving into a new apartment or house, check out the cupboards. Sometimes, it appears there is a lot of storage space, and there are lots of cupboards, but they’re shallow and don’t hold as much.

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As far as countertops go, I prefer granite purely for looks and durability. You do have to seal it every six months, which is okay because the counter needs a good cleaning by that time anyway. Laminate would be my last choice, as it chips and shows knife marks. And small tiles would be my second least favorite, as the grout gets grungy, and constantly needs cleaning or re-grouting.

When painting your kitchen, stick with white or bright colors. I’ve seen red kitchens, but I’d be afraid in the morning, it would be a bit too much of a wakeup call for me.

Choose a kitchen table with care, as this is truly the gathering place for family chatter or more serious talking and memories. Rolling chairs are nice, along with cushioned chairs. Think comfort here.

In your kitchen, make use of all space. Toaster ovens, coffee makers and can openers can be mounted under the cupboards to get them out of the way.

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