Ideas For Painting Walls

Ideas For Painting Walls
Paint faults
Most flaws in paint surfaces can be avoided if you are scrupulous in your preparation and always use the correct materials. Even with the utmost care, however, some problems may occur, but these can usually be salvaged and sometimes do not entail too much extra work.
This is caused by moisture or air trapped beneath- coat of oil-based paint. The answer is to strip off the paint, carefully fill any holes and then repaint. With wood, it may be necessary to prime, undercoat and then repaint.
When the new surface reacts badly to what is underneath it, flaking occurs. Emulsion paint, for example, can flake when painted over a high-gloss finish or distemper. Unfortunately if this occurs there is no alternative but to strip the flaking surface, get back to the base, prepare it again properly and paint the area agaitl.
If you apply a second coat of oil-based paint, such as eggshell, before the first coat has dried thoroughly, the surface may wrinkle. Strip the paint and reapply it.

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