Ideas For Room Decoration

Ideas For Room Decoration

* Buy an inexpensive cookie sheet, add pebbles and keep it by the front or back door to the house for wet boots.

* Several inexpensive hooks by the back door can hold coats. A pop-up laundry basket can house gloves and scarves.

The kitchen is a well-used room in the house. It can be elegant, country, retro or modern. It is also the dirtiest room in the house at any given point in time, so it needs lots of TLC!

Kitchens are electricity hogs. You only buy appliances every so often, so swing for the best, most energy efficient models you can find and afford. Keep in mind that stainless steel and black appliances will show dirt and fingerprints.

Check out new refrigerator designs, and see whether you’d use built in ice makers and water dispensers, and how large of a model your kitchen can handle. If you decide to buy a separate chest freezer, keep in mind that the older models can be huge energy hogs. We sold our freezer a while back and are saving at least fifty dollars a month in electricity fees.

When shopping for dishwashers, pick the quietest model you can afford. That way, you can run it anytime.

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