Ideas For Sitting Room

Ideas For Sitting Room

First of all, make sure your door is clean! Brush off the dust and clean any dirty spots by hand or with a hose. This is the first impression people get of your house!

Always have mats at the front door and inside the front door to catch water and dirt. If you live in a rugged weather area, it’s nice to have a bench or chair inside the door for removing boots and wet shoes.

An umbrella stand is a nice touch.

Make the entryway an inviting place, as it’s the second impression people get. Have a basket or vase with fresh or dried flowers, and even a throw blanket.

Add some pictures, either nature scenes or family portraits.

Rows of pegs can hold wet coats and scarves.

A cookie sheet with small pebbles on the bottom can hold and drain wet boots and shoes.

Install lighting on a dimmer switch to tone down lights for a party in the evening.

A pretty bench with a lid stores any number of items and also provides seating.

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