Ideas for living rooms

What architect and decorator have achieved is a balanced interior with eloquent communication between structure, paintings and furnishings. While giving visual preference to the works of art, the decoration also allows the function of the rooms to speak the adjoining study. In the dining-room, the use of mirror to cover one wall doubles the impact of Andy Warhol’s immensely powerful painting of a crucifix. Religious symbolism continues in the arrangement of a highly decorated crucifix and candlesticks atop the marble tables. A set of nineteenth-century neo-classical chairs from Didier Aaron provides elegant seating.

Similarly, in the main bedroom, Warhol’s silk-screen print is given startling prominence against the subtle grey shades of the surrounding furnishings. In contrast, a second bedroom is more complex in its detail. Here, a neo-classical dressing-table, topped by a mirror Warhol’s picture of Une Serier in the main bedroom. 2 A neoclassical dressing-table beneath a Balthus nude. 3 In the bathroom, a 1930s dressing-table.

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