Ideas Of Decorating Living Room

Ideas Of Decorating Living Room


THE modern house is often fitted with a bath, the inside surface of which is porcelain finished. Such surfaces do not require painting, and thus a recurring expense and trouble is avoided.

However, in a great number of homes the bath is still of the older type, with a painted inside surface that requires renewal from time to time.

The Reason Why

Paint on the inside of a bath has to stand a more severe test than almost any other kind of painting.

When it is not in use, the conditions are not exceptional, but at more or less regular intervals water, varying in temperature from quite cold to almost boiling-point, is run into it. Even where the original enamel has been given an extremely hard finish it is liable in time to become worn owing to the severe conditions which it has to meet. Re-enamelling, to be successful, must be done thoroughly, otherwise the enamel will peel off after a few weeks’ wear.


Nothing is more detrimental to existing paint, or a greater hindrance to successful repainting than a dripping tap, and. therefore, if a new washer or other repair is required to either or both of the taps, this should be seen to before the actual renovation begins.

If for any reason the drip cannot be entirely stopped, a tin or jar should be tied to each tap so as to catch any possible leakage of water.

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