Ideas Of Living Room Decorating

Ideas Of Living Room Decorating

This can be done by pouring it through muslin or silk in the manner shown work should be lightly sandpapered and thoroughly dusted down.

Applying the Enamel

A sufficient quantity of the chosen enamel is obtained in a sealed tin, and some of this may be poured into a perfectly clean vessel (a 2-lb. earthenware jam jar is suitable). The general principle in applying all the coatings, and particularly this final one, is to do the upper work first and work downward. The procedure is similar to that described for the application of varnish in Chapter Fourteen.

Care should be taken to apply a fairly full coat of the enamel; indeed, to put on as much as possible without danger of it running. It should not be brushed more than is necessary to lay it on evenly over every part of the surface. It should then be left to flow out, which, if it is a good quality enamel, it will do without leaving brush marks.

Mouldings, however, should be coated rather more sparingly than the broad flat parts, and careful watch must be kept of any tendency for the enamel to run in the narrow quirks. Should this occur, the surplus may be carefully picked out with the tip of an almost dry small brush kept apart for this purpose.

When the work is completed, every possible precaution should be taken to see that no dust is created in the vicinity for at least twenty-four hours, at the end of which time the enamel will be dry, if not absolutely hard. Indeed, if the apartment in which the enamelling has been done can be left empty and undisturbed for from thirty-six to forty-eight hours, it will be all to the good.

Finally, it may be mentioned that, sometimes, a flat or dull finish is required on enamel-work, either on the whole or parts (such as panels) of it. The process of doing such flat enamelling is exactly the same as already described, except that, for the final coating, a special “flat” enamel must be obtained instead of the usual gloss variety.

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