Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Living Room

Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Living Room


If the whole surface of the woodwork is not very smooth, perhaps owing to roughness of grain, and a very high-class finish is required, a further process besides the stopping, and known as “filling”, is often adopted.

The “filling” itself is a semiliquid composition which is spread over the whole surface with a broad,thin, flexible knife.

The knife forces the composition into all the hollows and roughly levels the surface. After the filling has set, there follows a thorough smoothing with sandpaper, folded over a cork or wood block.

If these two processes of stopping and filling are carefully done, a perfectly smooth surface should be obtained.

Fillings are purchasable, ready made, at most paint merchants’ stores, but if any difficulty is experienced in obtaining one, a suitable compound can be made by thoroughly mixing equal parts of white-lead, paste and dry whiting and reducing this to a workable consistency with equal parts of Japan gold size and turpentine.

The preparatory processes described having been completed, we are ready for the actual enamelling.

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