I have been hooked on miniatures for about five or six years now. Every show I have gone to, I have specific items I shop for, depending on my project at the time.

ABOVE: A young girl waits outside the store for her friends.

LEFT: The crowded store.

There’s no way you’ll fit all that in there, my mum (contributor Pamela J) said of my mini toy collection while nodding toward the small room box I had just finished building.

Wanna bet?

It all started with a vial of glass marbles I found on Ebay. I was furnishing my first doll’s house, a Pierce (yes, I went big right off the bat.. .no small project for me to ease into the hobby). I had been collecting furnishings room by room and was working on two different

I always got sidetracked, though, by the teeny doll’s dolls or packages of balls and jacks. I come home with more miniature toys sometimes than I do my other mini treasures.

The first time I made it to a doll’s house show I found some tiny wooden houses from a Swedish maker. I purchased them for my daughter. She, like so many little girls, loves horses. She has a vast collection of them in her room, so I thought it would be fun to give her some for her doll’s house. But somehow between there and home I had changed my mind and they became my own.

I took it a little easy on my purse during that show and can say that I was pleased with myself for doing so (especially if you knew what my mum spent). On the trip home we stopped at a doll’s house shop. It was there that I lost my grip on all my self-control.


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