Ikea Christmas Designs

Ikea Christmas Designs
So poor wait okay can tell you when to stop no more we fill in this boat okay and, that go all the way it go on all the way in okay okay and, let’s add some of our fruits we appear we have apple okay you can do the work okay okay how many it doesn’t matter don’t boil it dump it all in okay there we go the next one it’s cool guys when you let this sit in the fridge okay these fruits are gonna soak up the booze and, you could eat them later and, it’s a fun little treat alright. So now I want you to add in some brandy this is brandy right here yesterday okay not all of it we can go Lily okay you tell me when keep going nice okay okay let’s come behind that okay what’s without the cider apple cider okay that sounds good you could go all the monopolist all in with the apple cider beautiful I love how the fruit like I know it’s its flavoring it but it also looks yeah its beauty is it’s a really pretty holiday season kind of drink put up for Thanksgiving perfect for um Christmas you know new year okay.

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So this right here is a special drink for Mikey this is Swedish pear cider oh I don’t think I’ve had that before. I’m no I have not. I’m looking forward to trying that okay get all all of it yes sir I love it we have space. So once you have space you just go all in we come behind with a little bit more brandy to just because. So it doesn’t have to be specific like he can you can kind of make it your own basically that’s the thing you make stuff to taste if you like the taste then that’s the right that’s the right measurements give this a little stir okay and, there you have it that right here is our sangria and, I put a little covering on this let this sit in the fridge let it get cold overnight if you want but it doesn’t have to be overnight just go like two three hours and, you were good okay and, this right here will liven up your party perfect okay okay holiday season that’s great that’s awesome yeah I love the presentation of it assuming you put it in any any shaped container yeah you could put it in like.

I said this is this is my IKEA bowl we had an Ikea picture here earlier I mean you could use whatever you want you know whatever you want you put it in this doesn’t matter fruits would have a problem getting in there but okay you know it’s fine it’s good to go that’s awesome very good. So I’ll see you on the other side okay yeah yeah let’s see what they’re doing over there yeah. So like any bartender I work for tips. So I want you to send in your best holiday hosting tips okay using I keep using the hashtag IKEA tip jar and, tell us what does hosting mean to you you know it means food it means planning it means decoration we need to get all these tips from you guys and, then we’ll take the best ones and, at the end we’ll read them out okay. So you could hear what people have sent in. Because you guys know how to party. So please send us your best tips join the party comment you know post in the comments let us know and, remember guys okay this holiday season to drink responsibly if you want anyone to get in trouble. So drink responsibly okay use a share ride make sure you get home safe all right oh I already have a tip here from someone okay Triss has said is that the guy from tipsy bartender yes it is okay garnet said Oh Sam Tsui he’s the coolest he’s not as cool as I am but that’s cool. I’m a better singer but they didn’t want me to sing here.

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