Ikea Home Design Ideas

Ikea Home Design Ideas
So much thoughts being put into this super cute do such a good job thank you. So much this part of the journaling or part of the spa what do you think that one’s for the journal basket is a grandmas spa basket too. Because you know you could like weekender you’re talking about these yeah mix it up for Dyson yeah. I’m trying to make this the Grandma and, Grandpa basket in her grandpa basket that’s a great way to think of it and, hmm do we have any little treats maybe we have little treats I wouldn’t know if you see what I have done dealing with my don’t wanna that’s a great idea okay well yes absolutely. So these are some of our baskets super cute right that’s gonna be one interesting spa basket grandma yes but then what about this basket we’re missing a min now for the person who loves baking you have another one we do yeah the hole here.

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I’ll put this basket over this side okay I think we’re good I think grandma’s basket is stuff Oh a basket I like that this basket could be reused mm-hm you know it’s like you’re giving the whole thing is usable to the recipient right you can use it many times. I’m done with the grandma basket can I make another one yeah you can make as many baskets as you’d like nice let’s make it time and, we’re at home sweetie all right. So that’s the gun right. So we’re going to move this under the table you guys want to help me and, I have another surprise that we all can work on thank you. So much hmm mine is. So baby. I’m gonna put it on the stool here yes all right. So yes alright grab a glass jar.

I wanted to make some snow globe terrarium this really what that really cute ready yeah. So while. I’m pulling out the other pieces I will need for you to scoop out some salt. So that way they can look like big snow. So we’re going to fill the bottom up okay not too much just enough to fill the bottom up you want some – looks like fake snow here. So we have a lot of fun items to work with we have some hanging ornaments these are like paper homes aren’t they’re. So cute yeah super cute. So you could use these in your little snow one of Jacob’s favorite things in the holiday season is making a winter village that we decorate our home with. So this is. So perfect. Because it goes nicely like alongside a winter village and, it’s fun for him oh you’re doing such a good job thank you I don’t think this one’s good right and, what do you what do you think is that about all right no what is it right now yeah that is a great I think that’s about tips. So far you guys that we just read yeah tips yeah that’s my don’t you think what part of this valley is that you don’t meet blue right you can kind of move it around you didn’t drop no you absolutely you don’t need any glue you could just like just like snow you know and, you can even bother how are we gonna go to the house to the bottom no we don’t need a glue it we just need to put it inside just like.

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