Ikea Home Ideas

Ikea Home Ideas
So fun. Because you can make them as unique as the person that you’re making it for. So I love yeah yeah I have to tell you they’re like my favorites again and, again yes. So I have some Prius go get baskets right here this one for instance is great for the coffee lovers you guys know anyone in your family that was yeah daddy okay. So we even have plenty of coffee in here we have some organic coffee yeah. So this is a good idea to you know give you an idea how you can put together a basket we have plenty of coffee we have some cute mugs in here oh and, then we have a little coffee maker and, then over here is for someone who likes to bake you know and, make yummy cookies all that kind of stuff can you guys think of anyone you do well yeah what do you guys like to bake in the kitchen well I don’t know pretty much anything as long as.

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I make it up yeah yeah okay well I’d say there were a few that I messed up but this will be a great basket for you. Because we have some cookie cutters in here we have a little bit of everything that you or somebody that loves to bake need in this one basket oh I think I need this it’s exactly my size it’s the perfect size. So let’s put together a couple baskets you doesn’t want to try it out. So uh Jessica do you know anyone that you would like to make a basket for what do you guys think how about we daddy society is good how about we do a special one for grandmas and, you’re always helping us out and, yeah it’s kind of a thankless job helping out and, being a grandma sometime. So let’s make her something really special. So she can relax and, feel pampered okay a great idea. So when it comes to making a basket you want to think about what that person like loves are passionate about you want to create an experience in a basket. So what I have here is a nice ikea rope mmm like a spa robe.

So what how do we when we put together a gift basket what’s a good order to put things in and, make it like look the nicest oh great question. So I like to start with the bigger items the bulkier pieces and, I start by putting that in the back of the basket and, then I work my way with the smaller pieces and, then I put that towards the front of the basket yeah sure. So I have some cozy fleece blankets over here for you what’s this hidden saw yes whoo what is that that looks comfy grandma you guys go ahead and, put together this basket and, I’m going to put together it somebody should be for Grandma and, Grandpa oh that’s a good idea first checkup you want to help me likes to do crafts yes I like to try journaling. So we have some stuff for journaling. I’m thinking about me I love that with this sort of thing I can get the kids involved in making the gifts and, putting them together and, I feel like it really helps with their like a spirit of giving around the holidays I like to do all right. So again we’re gonna start with the bigger pieces and, you want to help me put that one in hmm we have it faced out bats I we make it all personalized for the person we’re making it for that’s. So cool yes this is totally customizable you can personalize it for that perfect one special person and, there’s just. So much thought that can be put in a basket it’s just. So much more meaningful you know you’re creating an experience.

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