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So full confession I love ICF and what I love about idea is that you can take some of their basic things as your personal touch and make them beautiful. So stick with me I’m going to share you some of my favorite easy IKEA hack. So my first IKEA hack. So simple and probably my favorite is the bookshelf now they sell some really great bookshelves but you can get the most inexpensive black frame the bookshelf use some gold spray paint and create something absolutely beautiful another tip with this is to actually add them together. So these bookshelves I think cost less than $50 each you add two or three of them together spray paint them gold style them up and you look like you have a beautiful expensive item the second one I really love and this is a really a hack as much as an item that I think you can use in multiple ways is the kitchen cart now they have a few different styles these kitchen carts right now and I’m a little obsessed because you can use them for everything.

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So you can use in the kitchen and put kitchen supplies in it but I think they’re great for kids crafts I mean you can add the jars and boxes to these carts and add crafts in them you can use them in the bathroom for a small bathroom what a great way to store all your brushes and hair products and all those things in them. So I love these cards they’re really inexpensive they’re small there’s great for small spaces and you can use them in different corners of your house and the third one is everybody’s favorite item which is the lacs bookshelf which I love and love using just as is it comes in all these fun colors now but I want you to think outside the box with this what a great way to use it and I’ve done with a client is actually to flip the bookshelf and use it as seating it’s great for an entryway you could just get a beautiful cushions on it or get something specifically made pushing bench for it the great part about it is then you have storage underneath that you can put baskets underneath with shoes and coats and lips and all those kind of things that’s also seen it used in small faces around the table. So instead of creating a custom bench you can actually use this bookshelf flip down as a bench for your kitchen table and the last one my favorite one the easiest one is just the lacked shelf these are.

So inexpensive and oh my goodness you can use them everywhere. So to give you some examples again use it as a shelf. So you could put it above a desk put it above your couch what I really love is in a bedroom they make some really quite small now and you can actually stack them. So use the verticality in your space with these shelves and put your books and other belongings on them the other thing you can use it for and you’re going to mount it carefully but adds a need AK. So I know recently someone’s asking about creating an office in the hallway what a great way to get one of these Lac shelves for ten dollars mount that to your wall get a funky chair and it could be a desk. So I hope this inspires you think outside of the box of the bookshelf and how to get started with your IKEA trip and your IKEA hacks I’ve created a freebie of just some of these ideas and how they look for inspiration and you can link to it below.

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