Ikea Living Dining Room

Ikea Living Dining Room
So you can actually customize them to fit your own decor at home alright. So there’s no price tags here one is from the yellow team. and, what were you thinking of when you saw the. price I was like oh wait dancer are too small but of a price but they’re not too big of a price either that’s absolutely right this nice fluffy dog here really cute and, cuddly right. So you’re right that’s a great tip for our viewers at home is actually to actually place these kind of toys in a location where actually the younger ones actually have a place where they can actually sit and, enjoy the toy right they’re very cozy. So you can sleep on them oh you like to sleep with them all right.

So the blue team yeah here I don’t know you stuck this this tag over here on this pillow I think your butt actually on our seagrass basketry okay I mean what a great thing to have around house okay I think as someone that DIYs that you can actually put things in the basket. So versatile yeah all right one more yellow tag here oh I was that one yeah that’s right I think we are you you. Because you’re pretty quickly as when Bailey all right. So at it is a box with lid. So that actually all you all right I think. So right yeah I want to see what they’re gonna do though are we how elegant audience actually to vote and, let us know. So all right here you go yellow team out front it looks like.

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I do it robotic robot dance right IKEA robot let’s do it let’s have a good to go you get to go. So Chris what were you guys thinking over here you guys had a victory is amazing yeah yeah well I I think Bailey had a victory and, we we got lucky by having her on our team she she got two out of the three corrects things there she did sup studying right things yeah well she’s a little she’s always the one when we go to Ikea she’s always going into the little areas and, like sitting down and, like checking everything out. So she loves she loves all this stuff no that’s great I think you told me that she enjoys reading as well yeah. So it was a fun game we’re gonna have more games coming up later on in the show yeah I can’t man we hope the audience will continue to participate and, yeah those comments come in. So now we’re gonna go over to Anne who’s gonna show us how to make some perfect holiday baskets for just about anyone this holiday season it’s awesome thanks. So much Peter. So I have some great ideas on how you could put together a gift basket a gift basket and, gift baskets are.

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