Ikea Living Room Decor

Ikea Living Room Decor

On no account must any stopping be left until the last undercoating has been applied, for any filled-up places left until then would inevitably show through the final enamel.

Ordinary glazier’s putty is often used for stopping holes and cracks during painting work, and, although on rough jobs a passable result may be obtained with it, it is by no means the best kind of stopping for enamel work. Here we require something harder setting and more capable of being rubbed down to absolute conformity with the rest of the work.

Several admirable formulae for good stopping are available, but one of the best is a mixture, of equal parts of white-lead paste, dry red lead and ordinary linseed oil putty.

The mixture should be firmly pressed into the holes or cracks with a stopping-knife, the end of which is used for cutting off the superfluous material and levelling off that which remains.

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