Ikea Living Room Decorating Ideas

Ikea Living Room Decorating Ideas

Quantities Required

It is to be noted, also, that the quantities given in the above formulae are for the sole purpose of giving the right proportions, and do not represent the quantities required for any particular job. For the woodwork of an ordinary room, probably one-quarter the quantities mentioned would be more than ample.

In getting work up for enamelling, it is not enough to smooth the successive dried coatings well. Each of the coats should be brushed on as evenly as possible, so as to avoid, as far as possible, the formation of either brush marks or unevenness in the thickness of the coating itself.


Three factors enter here. One is the choice of suitable tools and brushes, and another is the correct use of them. A third point to be observed is the proper “stopping”, as it is called, of all holes, cracks, open joints and other inequalities in the surfaces under treatment.

In the case of burnt-off and primed work, at least the major portion of the stopping should be done after the priming and before the first undercoating, and only minor blemishes that have been overlooked in the first stopping should be done after the first and before the second undercoating.

In the case of work which is not burnt off, all the stopping must be very carefully done between the first and second undercoatings, and, after the stopping has been applied, it must be given at least a few hours to harden before it is sandpapered smooth.

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