Ikea Organizing Hacks

we’re all trying to get organized and find simple ways to do it well I’ve got a few simple tricks that I personally used in my house that are all from Ikea from the kitchen section. So this is my IKEA hacks post for you okay. So as I mentioned you go to Ikea you go into the kitchen section and first thing I’m going to show you is these. So they come in a pack of three and they’re hot plates. So when I come to pack up three for just a couple bucks. So instead of using him as hot plates what I did was spray paint them gold and I thought in a grouping of three they would look really cute to put above your kids bed or their art wall and then they can put up little notes they could put up cards that they get or invitations little pictures. So I thought this was a really cute one different than your standard cork okay.

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So the second thing in the IKEA section is this over here and this is actually a spice rack. So again really inexpensive what I did with it was spray painted gold because you know I’m kind of into the gold and then you can mount this right above your kid’s bed it looks really cute you could do a few in a row as well if you wanted to or I like the look of it done vertically as well and it’s really cute and we’ll put a few of their books. So speaking of the spice section I’m going to send you back there for a few more these things I’ve used for my kids art supplies but you could use them for other purposes as well. So you want to get a magnetic bar and cost you a couple bucks and then these it actually go right on again these are supposed to be for spices I’ve used them for stamps and beads and other little things that my kids seem to have but you can get creative with this I love this and you can mount it right to the wall and while we’re talking spices one more here these come in a pack of four for like three dollars and they’re super cute and again I use them for art supplies we’ve got string we’ve got stamps we’ve got little eye balls in here and beads but these are another thing you could use in your bathroom as well for small items.

So love this one and the last one when you’re in the kitchen section is that and you have to get this again I use it for art supplies but this is one I think would work really well in a bath line too. So you get the bar which I think been about two dollars and then you get these little trays that fit actually right on to the bar you can fit three really easily on there I’ve used them for art supplies but I think they would be great to use in a bathroom as well you can put your brushes you can put your makeup you can put nail polishes in. So this is probably my favorite. So I hope this has inspired you to head to the kitchen section and get organized I have created a little freebie for you of these items with links and how I’ve used them with some other ideas.

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