Infrared Saunas


Saunas usually comprise a comparatively small room, which is cladded in raw timber and is warmed up to very high temperatures by throwing water on incredibly hot stones. While both luxurious and relaxing, this gentle persistent heat also has a number of health benefits that will make you consider a sauna for your home. These include:

Toxin terminator: While it’s not a secret that saunas make you sweat, what most people don’t realise is how good sweating can be for your health. The process doesn’t just allow for your skin to cleanse its pores, but it is also known to help your body release toxins through increased blood flow and the actual process of sweating.

Rest and relaxation: Saunas are very relaxing, and as they require a bit of downtime in a distraction-free space, they are really good for your mental health, especially if you lead a stressful and busy life. While definitely helping you relax, saunas also help relieve any stress or tension in your muscles and joints by releasing endorphins and promoting blood flow, which is known to reduce pain. Saunas are also an excellent after-sport therapy for better muscle health, as they help your body flush out excess lactic acid, which causes stiffness, as well as other toxins in your muscles.

Healthy blood flow: The heat in a sauna causes your body temperature to rise, and subsequently causes your veins to dilate and your heart to pump a bit harder. While not strenuous on your cardiovascular system, it does promote a healthy heart.

The sweating, increased blood flow and heart pumping also requires a lot of energy -meaning that saunas can even aid you in burning calories while you relax.

Steam showers

Steam showers are a concept that has been used since ancient Roman times, and the fact that they’re still in use today, proves that they have real health benefits. Steam showers comprise an enclosed tiled room with a built-in steam generating system. Often found in gyms, steam showers can easily be installed in residential homes as well. They can even be incorporated into a complete shower unit. Some of the many health benefits that steam showers boast are:


Breathe easy: The warm, moist air created by steam showers is a great treatment for lung and sinus infections, as it opens airways and allows you to breathe easier thereby shortening the duration of any infection. Steam showers are also great for people who suffer from other breathing problems, such as asthma for example, as breathing in warm, moist air is the ideal natural way of taking strain off your lungs.

Clear skin: Steam is a fantastic means of improving the condition of your skin. The heat from a steam shower can help open up your pores – making it easier for any trapped dirt to be washed away. The moisture from the steam also helps aid in cleansing out your skin and improving its overall appearance.

In full flow: Much like saunas, the heat from steam showers is very effective in increasing blood flow, flushing out toxins and increasing one’s metabolism to help with weight loss and improving your overall cardiovascular and lymphatic health.

Water jets

Water jets can be found in spa baths and luxury showers. They use a combination of water and air to deliver strong jets of water and massaging air bubbles to your body. Otherwise known as a form of hydrotherapy, water and air jets are often used to treat a number of different ailments and health problems, and as a means of increasing your blood flow. Some other benefits include:

Loosen up: One of the main benefits of hydrotherapy, whether it is enjoyed in a shower or a bath, is its ability to help relax and loosen up your muscles. Hydrotherapy uses jets of water, which are usually adjustable in strength, to help massage and release tension in your muscles.

Painkiller: Hydrotherapy helps promote blood flow in your body, as well as massaging your muscles – this combination is known to often relieve pain from muscle and joint injuries, as well as in sufferers of arthritis. Hydrotherapy baths

are especially good for people who are recovering from serious injuries, as they allow you to lie back and enjoy the passive health benefits they afford.

Just below the surface: Hydrotherapy is also great for the skin – a combination of jets of air and warm water allows for more oxygen to be absorbed by the skin. It is also a good way of thoroughly cleaning your skin of any pore-blocking bacteria, dirt or germs -making for younger looking and feeling skin.

With all these health benefits, as well as the added bonus that it has a real propensity for relaxation – one can only gain from installing saunas, steam showers and spa baths in your home and reaping the rewards to some daily hydrotherapy.

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