Inspiration Living Room Design

Inspiration Living Room Design

After washing the brush in soapy water, clean it by twirling it round in a vessel of clean water. Then twirl it again after taking it out of the water complete purity of colour which must be obtained before the actual enamelling takes place.

It may be mentioned here that the paint for every coat preparatory to enamelling must be absolutely free from lumps, grit or skins, and this can be achieved by straining it through either a paint strainer with a fine mesh or through a piece of fine muslin tied over the top of a suitable container, such as an earthenware jar or a paint kettle.

This first white-lead undercoating must be allowed ample time (two days is a suitable period) to dry and must then be smoothed down with fine waterproof sandpaper, the surface being damped with a sponge so that the water acts as a lubricant to the sandpaper. A clean sponge dipped in clean water should be used to wipe away the sludge created.

We are now ready for the final undercoating.

Second Undercoating

Some makers of enamel state that the best results can only be obtained by the use of their specially prepared undercoatings. The manufacturers of that well-known enamel “Ripo-lin”, for instance, prescribe the use of their undercoating “Fletto”, which can be obtained in all the colours in which the finishing enamel iS FIG 70. BEFORE PUTTING THE BRUSH INTO ENAMEL

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