Inspirational living rooms

Do not neglect wall space. If the floor area is getting too cluttered, go vertical With these few ideas:

Wall-mounted bed

You’ll never know if a friend has to stay the night. In moments like these, you’ll be happy to offer a nice, comfortable bed where he can sleep in.

Hanging shelves

Ideal for any room in the house, it’s advised to have hanging shelves go the entire length of the wall for maximum storage.

Corner tables and shelves

Aside from providing additional storage, they soften a room’s edges.

They are particularly useful in small kitchens.


“I began with a simple menu of recipes I grew up withdishes I enjoyed with my parents while growing up, says entrepreneur Trish Panlilio, who belongs to a family that owes their love for eating to their distinct Kapampangan heritage. really enjoy the company of friends and cousins, so maybe every other week, I would have them over, shares food enthusiast and entrepreneur Trish Panlilio. The soft-spoken mom of three is a natural at entertaining guestsconversations usually begin with a warm welcome, accompanied by a spread of delectable cocktails on her family’s long dining table. I have always loved to cook and because of this, I was eventually convinced by friends to turn it into a business, she adds. kitchen has become a household name in the industry despite operating from only a private commissary. In place of a restaurant, Trish thought of holding The Gourmand Market quarterly, which allows her to reach a wider market and also provide a venue for other merchants to showcase their artisanal food offerings. Her menu banks on simple recipes that have been elevated into what Trish refers to as luxe comfort food, which remain to be the same flavorful dishes that evoke familiarity and warmth.

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