Inspirational Room Decor

Inspirational Room Decor

The tools required in enamelling, including the preparatory processes, are:

Fine and medium waterproof sandpaper.

A rubbing block. A painter’s putty knife.

A filling knife with a thin and flexible blade.

A paint strainer with a fine mesh. A painter’s duster.

Three flat hog-hair brushes (one 2i-inch, one 1-inch, and one -inch).

A flat fitch for the narrow quirks.

Brushes are never at their best when quite new, those part worn or “broken in” being far preferable. If the worker does not possess such brushes, new ones can be purchased and “broken in” during the application of the undercoatings.

Cleaning “Broken-in” Brushes

After the final undercoating has been applied, however, these brushes will require thorough cleaning before being put into the enamel.

This cleaning can be effected by first washing out the accumulated paint from the bristles in turpentine, white spirit or petrol, and then thoroughly washing again in warm soapy water.

When, but not until, all traces of paint have been removed, the brushes are cleared of soap by twirling them round in clean water.

They should then be taken out of the water, twirled between the hands to remove as much moisture as possible, and laid aside on a flat surface to dry.

Great care should be taken to see that they are completely dry and free from the slightest trace of moisture before being put into the enamel. Otherwise, disaster will ensue.

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