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Pergola perfection A pergola is relatively cheap and easy to build. It consists of vertical posts or pillars that support crossbeams, often upon which climbing plants are trained such as grape vines, wisteria and bougainvillea. They can be an extension of a building or a stand-alone structure. As they’re not enclosed they offer some shade, but they are not weatherproof. But plants can be used to create reasonable shade when grown over an arbour. Depending on the plant chosen, shade will vary from dappled sunlight to full shade. If you’re contemplating erecting a pergola, consider space and size. If it’s too big and your yard is too small it’s going to dominate the outdoor area and make it feel smaller overall. Placement is also equally important and you’ll need to consider what the view will be from the house. Will it obstruct the view or disrupt the visual flow of the yard? Beauty of blinds Interior color design ideas An outdoor blind is a smart way to make your balcony or patio more usable and comfortable ” not to

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