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Do you struggle with styling and particularly styling shelving whether it be open shelving in a kitchen shelving in your dining room a bookshelf well I hear ya and if you do stick with me because I have some tips to make it easy and. So I recently been styling a home and having. So much fun because those who know me know styling is my favorite part but I realized there’s a little bit of a method to it. So I wanted to share some of my favorite tips that I find helpful and the clients love the first is go get too many things. So what I mean by this is let’s use kitchen shelving for example if you’ve got a few open kitchen shelves and this rule can apply to bookshelves or anything go out or collect in your house even if you have it as many things as you can think of might fit and gather them all together the reason is it’s really hard to map out even when I’ve been doing this for a while it’s hard to map out exactly what’s go on look good together and where it should go it really is a thing of trying different and trying different things together and seeing how they fit.

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So if you’re going shopping pick up as much as you can return the stuff you don’t like or collect as much as you can from other rooms in your house and give it a try my second tip for you is you want to think different heights. So one of the stylist tricks is things are in proportion. So you don’t want everything all the same height that’s just I don’t know to the eye doesn’t look as interesting you want to think of things at different heights now that being said you don’t want something as super tall and then something that’s with something that’s super small you do want to think of the report but if you can think of different shapes and different sizes together and mixing those that creates a lot of interest the next tip is on texture oh one of my favorite things talking about texture is you wanna think about different textures now an easy way to do this is to think opposites. So for an example if you were setting the bookshelf kitchen shelf side table whatever if you’ve got something that stay in a high gloss I would not then put something beside it that’s high gloss as well I would put something in an opposite texture maybe a wood the skirt has a rustic feel and the two you might think are go on actually fight with each other but that’s good you can want them to fight with each other you really want to think in those opposites. So another example could be putting linen something like a natural texture with something that again has more of a formal texture to it like maybe a linen with something that’s got a gold and glitter aspect or a mirrored something to it the two are.

So opposite that they’re actually go on work really well together my next tip is to think in threes and think in fives. So that’s probably the biggest one to remember threes and fives because why threes and fives always look good together. So for an example if you’re styling a kitchen she’ll think of a little vignette in three think of something tall maybe something medium something small in front three different textures same can be done on a bookshelf you could have some books then you can have an ornament on top then you could have something decide if you’ve got a bigger space like on a sideboard you definitely can add more of those items but think in three is thinking fives it’ll always work then I would say stick to an easy color palette for an example of kitchen I was recently styling I stuck to a few different things and really worked like a charm. So what I did is I stuck to things that were wood I stuck to things that were black I started things that were white and I add some terracotta in that as well now there’s lots of different objects lots of different sizes lots of different materials and shapes but when I stuck to that color palette for one it allowed me what I was shopping it’s just. So much easier to find the items but then when I was styling it it really worked well together and my last tip in styling shelves bookshelves whatever you want to call it is to take a picture of it it’s hard sometimes we can step back and we can look at something but a picture really tells it take try different things take different pictures and then go back to your pictures and look and what I often see is that it’s nice if the vignettes are different. So for an example if you’ve got a set of three down here in a shelf maybe up here it’s just books and maybe over here it’s basket you don’t let the exact same things lined up with each other you kind of want them dispersed throughout the shelving but a picture is going to help you do that. So I hope this helps you inside in your shelves your bookshelves your side tables and you have some fun with it if you liked this post make sure you like it.

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