Interior Decorating Entrance Hall

Interior Decorating Entrance Hall

Old paper can be easily removed by first thoroughly soaking it with water and then stripping with a scraper or stripping-knife. A washing down of the bared plaster will clear away any remaining traces of paper or paste not removed by the knife. Then a coat of thin size may be applied.

Repairing Cracks.

It may be that the walls contain cracks or have been damaged in some way.

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Such defects should be made good with either plaster of Paris, mixed with water and used immediately after mixing, or with Keene’s cement. The cracks should be wetted before the plaster is inserted, and the face of the said plaster should be made quite smooth with the knife or trowel.

The Tools Required.

In paper hanging these are:

A large pair of scissors, which must be kept sharp and clean.

A paste brush (a part-worn whitewash brush is ideal for this purpose, or a special brush with rather short bristles can be purchased at most paint stores. )

A paper-hanger’s brush (cheap types of these brushes are available for amateur use).

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