Interior Decorating Events

Interior Decorating Events

Now hang short lengths from under the sill to the skirting board, using a standard hanging technique. Having hung the same number of short strips as you did above the window, hang another full-length -trip that overlaps the reveal. Adopting the same procedure as before, cut the paper Horizontally at the soffit and sill, and wrap :t neatly around.
HU in the unpapered spaces in the corners the soffit with offcuts, matching patterns best you can. Cut a patch big enough the space with overlap allowances four sides.
Crease and trim the paper according to guard practice at the window frame, and the other edges in turn: firstly under strip at the top of the window, and rather as you would on a corner –et the wrap-around on the side of the -t and finally under the paper on the : r the edge that is proud of the recess, r-e tarr.tularly careful when you lift the : rttrt :: the original paper, and add paste “re rrushmg it flat again if the original dned.
Papering around door frames is not as daunting as you might imagine. This regular fleurdelys wallpaper would have been relatively easy to line up. The pattern also helps to draw the eye away from the unusual slope of the walls and complements the handsome walnut furniture.

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