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Recessed windows
When papering around recessed windows hang the first strip of paper to one side, ove lapping the window.
Trim and fit at the ceiling level as yc would a normal drop, and only th make a horizontal cut at the soffit (the ho izontal recess above the window), a: another at the window sill, using a sharp cr;
Fitting mouldings, sills and recesses
1 To fit a door or window frame: cut away excess paper, leaving a 4cm (1/in) overhang. Cut towards the corner.
2 Form a neat crease around the frame, then peel back the tongues of paper and trim before repositioning.
3 Steps 1-2 also apply for window sills. Take extra care when tackling corners: It’s all too easy to tear the paper knife. Carefully wrap the paper around the corner into the reveal. Continue to work along the top of the window as if you were papering a flat wall, but using short strips and taking the ends around, under the soffit, to the window frame. Stop when you get to the point when your next strip will be full-length, and turn your attention to beneath the window.

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