Interior Decorating Firms

Interior Decorating Firms

Different Styles for Different Rooms
Pillows for the living room can be more tailored than for the bedroom. You can never have too many pillows on a bed. I mix large European-size pillows with standard or square ones. Mix tailored and ruffled.

In my white bedroom I mix different shades of vanilla and shell so that everything isn’t hospital white.

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Pillows of different sizes with one that is very delicate and feminine make a bed sumptuous and inviting.
The Three C’s
Always remember the three C’s when decorating for summer, especially for the porch, deck, or patio. Keep it Casual, Comfortable, and Carefree.

Adding soft pillows with washable covers to a sofa or chairs will do the trick. Your living space, whether indoors or out, will be transformed instantly.
There are many inexpensive ways to add just the right mood to a room. It might be a fresh bouquet of flowers, music playing softly in the background, candlelight, soft lighting, the warm smells of food simmering on the stove, scented potpourri, even carefully arranged piles of posts.

Whatever the mood you’re seeking, there is something you can do to enhance that feeling.
As a decorative accessory, nothing perks up a room for so little money as fresh cut flowers. A clear glass vase filled with garden flowers, a few posts, and perhaps a pretty plate on the coffee table will give the room personality. If you have a bare corner, fill it with a flowering plant.

A large ficus or hibiscus is all you need to make a living room inviting.

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