Interior Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Interior Decorating Ideas For Living Room


THE two main functions of an enamel are to impart to the surface to which it is applied both colour and gloss. Enamels have to be applied over suitable undercoatings, which supply the density of colour the enamel itself cannot completely provide.

Several methods of obtaining high-gloss, coloured effects by means of paint and varnish have been described in previous chapters.

When to use Enamel

Although both methods produce a full gloss, the quality of the respective glosses differs in a way quite apparent on actual examination, but not easy to define in words. That of enamel is more porcelain-like than the brilliant lustre of a good varnish. For that reason it is preferred by many people.

Pure Pale Tints can be Obtained

Another reason for the considerable use of enamel is that purer pale tints can be obtained with it than by the paint and varnish method.

It has not yet been found possible to produce a perfectly water-white varnish. Therefore, the very palest varnishes procurable impart, when applied over a very light-coloured and particularly a white paint, a creamy tone to the finished work, and this tone is apt to deepen as time goes on.

Therefore, when a very pure delicate tinted, or a perfect white, gloss finish is required on interior work, it is often good policy to choose an enamel for the final coating.

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