In addition to the 120 objects from Mosimann’s collection, 25 children’s cookbooks will also be exhibited. The first children’s cookbook originated as a doll’s cookbook in tlie 17th century. They were in fact intended more as decorative objects for adults.

It was not until the 18 th century that doll kitchens were built for children too, originally as part of the beloved doll’s house. Since the kitchen of the doll’s house offered the most potential for play, it was soon produced as an separate toy. The tiny kitchens were functional, so girls were able to cook and bake.

The doll stoves, initially just part of tlie doll’s kitchen, soon appeared as individual toys as well, which gready reduced tlie cost of purchase and die space requirements. Doll stoves were most widespread between about 1870 and 1940. Doll kitchens and stoves were ideal toys, but also had an educational purpose: young girls from wealdiier.


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