Interior Decorating Qualifications

Interior Decorating Qualifications

PAPERING A CEILING. With the pasted sheet hanging on your left forearm, open the right-hand portion. Slip your right hand under the opened portion and offer it to the ceiling as shown in the above illustration.

When the first portion has stuck you can proceed to brush the remainder of the paper to the ceiling. Holding the brush across the width of the paper, slowly walk down the scaffolding board the paper to attach it to the wall.

Next, begin to brush (with the paper-hanger’s brush) the paper out, first down the centre and then from side to side, but making sure that the chalk line is being accurately followed.

Now pull the lower half of the length away from the wall, unfold it, and brush it out in the manner just described scissors along the top, thus making a line mark on the paper. Pull the paper away a little, cut it away at the mark, and brush the cut edge well back. Repeat this at the bottom, next to the skirting board.

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