Interior Decorating Questionnaire For Clients

Interior Decorating Questionnaire For Clients

Art Goes Everywhere

A woman came into my shop the other day and asked if it seemed in poor taste to hang artwork in the bathroom. “That’s my favorite art gallery,” I told her. “I display all my friends’ artwork as well as framed photographs in our powder room. Guests usually enjoy the display.” She explained that she couldn’t afford paintings and has collected a variety of posters, photographs, and framed cards from her vacations. She felt that “real” art should be hung in the living room, while these “souvenir” hangings belonged in less prominent spaces. 1 assured her that many people hang photographs and other framed collectibles in all the rooms in their homes and it isn’t a matter of cost but of what you enjoy looking at. Over the years my husband and I have purchased photographs by a handful of photographers whose work we especially like, and they hang where they look best.

How the Artists Do It

My artist friends approach decorating their spaces in a variety of ways. One has an interesting and eclectic collection of art throughout his house. But the most exciting arrangement is one that fills an entire wall of the den. The variety of work is vast and the array of framing is equally interesting.

Another artist friend mixes collages, paintings, assemblages, photographs, and collections. Every room, from the tiny entry hall to the kitchen to the dining room and the large living room, is a visual treat.

Still another displays a collection of paintings of a similar subject matter on the front stairway wall that’s visible from the center hallway. It provides a dramatic display.

A quilter I know furnished her house in a modern style. She has an exciting red and white quilt filling an entire wall. The pattern is bold and graphic and while it’s a country quilt the design is extremely contemporary-looking and adds warmth to the environment. (More about quilts on page 63).

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