Interior Decorating Rules

Interior Decorating Rules

Equipment choices for different paint effects

Always buy the best brushes you can afford, preferably natural fibre and ideally pure hog’s bristle. Check that each brush is well made, with no loose parts and with a solid pad of flexible, springy bristles. You need a selection of paintbrushes for different jobs. Another point to remember is always to use a brush of the appropriate size one that is too big will not get the job done any more quickly. For painting windows and doors you will need a 2.5cm (lin) decorating brush for mouldings, a similarly sized cutting-in brush for glazing bars, a 5cm (2in) brush for flat areas on panelled doors and a 7.5cm (3in) one for flush doors. Look after your brushes properly and they will last for many years.

For creating decorative effects with a glaze, brushes in different sizes will be useful. They are used dry. A bristle grainer, for example, is invaluable when dragging ( 210 211), and a wallpaper-paste brush can be used to soften up lines. Combs are used for patterning glaze. These can be bought, made of steel or rubber, but can be customized easily from cardboard. For an even effect, cut the teeth evenly across the comb, or to create a freer effect, cut less symmetrical teeth. Rubber rockers for patterning a wood grain are like curved rubber stamps and are, quite literally, rocked over and through tinted glaze to produce faux bois finishes.

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