As we cross tlie drawbridge, notice tlie wreaths mounted on tlie batdements, die garland under die library window (Itzy Bitzy), and topiaries framing die window on die tallest tower. Most noticeable is Santa Claus (Maria’s Kid), waving goodbye from the rooftop. One of the wizard’s oldest friends, Santa makes Dragonwyck his last stop before heading home.

Two guests, a mountain elf (Kathi Kuti) and a lowland troll (Todd ABOVE AND RIGHT: A collection of nut crackers are displayed across the beautifully ornate trunk. Both the trunk and bed were custom made for Dragonwyck.

Krueger), dressed in their Christmas finery and bearing gifts, arrive at a front door bedecked with garlands by Jo Bevilacqua and greeted by Marlowe, the wizard’s beloved Siberian husky

Upstairs in the Gathering Room, site of the Christmas feast, a hobbit (Liam Ferrier) is enjoying the delicious array of fruits and sweets the cook has set out to tide hungry revellers over until dinner. The front of the room has been taken over by two boisterous pugs, a mum and her pup (Kerri Pajutee) that have dragged a wrapped gift out from under the tree, and are busy demolishing the ribbon.

The tapestry in the Great Hall, which took just over a year to design and make, was hand-stitched by Barbara. The tapestry is called Santa, the Dragon-Sleigher and depicts Santa in his sleigh, riding on the back of a wonderful dragon. The tapestry commemorates the time, many years before, when Santa’s reindeer succumbed to reindeer flu. Fortunately for the world’s children, the wizard heard of their plight and called upon one of his oldest friends, the very first dragon at Dragonwyck, to help Santa make his Christmas rounds.


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