Interior Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Interior Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Quantities Required

The amount required to cover a given area of surface will depend, to some small extent, upon the colour selected, for pigments vary somewhat in weight and spreading quality, but, in any case, it will go rather farther than the comparatively heavy red-lead priming. A 14-lb. tin of ready-mixed tinted white-lead, paint will probably be sufficient to cover about 460 square feet of surface one coat.

Galvanized Iron

This kind of metal, which is generally in the form of sheets, requires a rather special treatment. When new the surface is so extremely smooth that it does not give a satisfactory “key” to paint.

If, however, it can be left unpainted for, say, the first six months of its life, a natural weathering process takes place, resulting in a slight roughness which provides the necessary “key”.

Should it be necessary to paint quite new galvanized iron the surface can be artificially weathered. This is done by giving it a coat of a solution made by dissolving chloride or acetate of copper in the proportion of 8 oz. to the gallon, in water.

A coat of this solution is applied, allowed to remain for, say, two days, and is then swilled off with clean water. The iron is then allowed to become thoroughly dry, after which painting can proceed as previously described.

Old galvanized iron which has been left unpainted too long will probably have developed patches of rust. In such a case, thorough cleaning and the treatment of the exposed areas by the means already described is called for. The priming of such parts with red-lead paint is a necessary part of the process of renovation and protection.

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