Interior Decoration Living Room

Interior Decoration Living Room

Alternative Materials

What are called “bitumastic” paints, containing a certain proportion of bitumen in their composition, are sometimes used on metalwork, and they often possess a considerable protective quality but the range of shades obtainable is comparatively limited, and they have the disadvantage that they may affect the colour of other kinds of paint subsequently applied.

Aluminium paint is also suitable for coating iron and steel, and is sometimes used for street lamps and railings but, here again, we are even more limited in choice, practically to the natural shade of the aluminium from which they are made.

For general painting purposes, the best course to adopt is to purchase the appropriate quantity of a genuine ready-mixed tinted white-lead paint in the shade required, making sure that it is labelled as being made according to the British Standard Specification for this type of paint.

This saves all the trouble of mixing, the cost is no greater than if we compounded the material ourselves, and we may be assured of getting a paint possessing the maximum possible of enduring quality.

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