Interior Design Add Some Bling to Your Home Decor

Hi I’m Carla and welcome to decor with love coaching where my goal is to provide love inspiration and creativity into your home with a little nugget of decor. So today I’m going to talk about bling there’s different things you need in a space to create it to look more texture to look more curated and to look basically finished and one of those things is bling and sometimes when I mentioned that to clients that get a little scared they say I’m not into bling I don’t want things flashy and buy bling I just want to give you some ideas of what I mean around that and that it doesn’t have to be flashy or over the top or feminine style. So some examples of bling I’ve got here is this coffee table we’ve got a really neutral space here and the coffee table underneath has bold.

Interior Design Add Some Bling to Your Home Decor Photo Gallery

So I would consider that that touch or they’d add a bling also on top of the coffee table we have a few things that have bling. So we’ve got this which again is gold we’ve got a little stale we’ve got a magnifying glass that all have that little bit of Sheen or shine another example of bling over here this one the little more obvious is the lamp and it’s got the crystal base. So again I wouldn’t put this with a bunch of other feminine things but say on a wood table or wood side table this would work really well and just adds a bit of light and Sheen to it you could bring it in in really simple ways into your home salt and pepper shaker again these are gold you can see I’m kind of favoring the gold here but it could be silver as well it adds that bling a bowl that has a little bit of shine to it. So look at your space see if there’s some way you can add a little bit of silver a little gold a little bit of bling in in the crystal if you want to take it a step further and it really just adds that another layer of texture.

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