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With such life events tying the couple to this church, they decided to write a book about it. In the decades following Randolph’s 1976 retirement after 35 years of service, of war, may these glorious windows inspire you, too. Interior design bathrooms In homage to the U.S. Navy’s first admiral, David Farragut, the window at left shows the man known for crying Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead, in a precarious place during the Civil War’s Battle of Mobile Bay. He climbed the mast and had himself lashed to the rigging for the best vantage point. Above: This detail is part of the Farragut Window shown on page I2i, which depicts the archangel Michael directing the admiral through the mine-riddled bay. he and Margaret did research with help from Janies W Cheevers, curator of the Naval Academy Museum, and other knowledgeable sources. The result, The United States Naval Academy Chapel, details the building’s architectural elements and the stained glass windows’ symbolism. In order to describe them, I would sit in the pews and just look at them, Margaret says.

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