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Hi everybody welcome to decor with love coaching tips where my goal is to provide love inspiration and creativity into your home with a little decor coaching. So today we’re going to talk about coffee tables and I’ve done a previous post on coffee tables. So if you haven’t had a chance to watch that you can go onto my website Kelly design calm and I did show you a few ways to style up a wooden coffee table the reason I want to do this again is that I do get a lot of questions about style and coffee tables and this one is a completely different material that we’re using here.

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So wanted to chat about that. So as you can see we’ve got a really cool coffee table I love this one the reason I love it is it’s glass. So it opens up the area I love the base and the sculptural effect of it. So the first step I always say is to think in opposites. So the fact that this is very light and airy and sculptural I want to add an opposite material. So an opposite of the glass would be a wood. So let’s add a wood bowl. So again this is something you know really artistic and sculptural and kind of rustic looking which goes against what you think you might put on this kind of coffee table but I love that. So we’ll just add a bowl and it can just sit there by itself doesn’t need anything in it the other thing you’ve heard me say it but I’m go on say it again is books. So grab three books that you love that we’re you know mine are usually designed but whatever you love that represents you and your family put the books down you can kind of ank put it on a little bit of an angle on the coffee table and then add something that’s that little bit of bling I’ve also recently done a post on bling.

So you want to check out that but it’s always nice to add a little bit of bling into a room you don’t have to go over the top in it but just look for something that has this has gold. So a little bit of metallic and the magnifying glass with a little bit of me are added to it and there you go you’ve got a style coffee table.

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