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Hi everybody I’m Karla with Kelly design and today we’re go on talk pillows. So you can see behind me we’ve got three pillows a lot in design you’re working on numbers in three and 5s and 7s and you don’t have to Anna couch but I do think this is a simple way to do this I’m going to show you a couple techniques. So first we’ve got three. So this is an easy way to do it choose two patterns and one solid as you can see we’ve got the yellow I then chose another yellow pattern and black black and white and half the three. So let’s look at another option where you can do take these and bring in two matching pillows. So then this is another easy way to do it you could do two matching pillows and you could do two smaller matching pillows as well again I like to work in the threes I think it adds a bit more character and is a bit more eclectic.

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So here’s the third one but I would add it to this now the reason I think this works is for one scale this pillows got quite a large pattern on it and this pillow has quite a small pattern on it. So they’re not fighting with each other and the scale works the second thing you want to look for in choosing to pattern pillows is color.

So again you can see the gray here picks up on the gray in here and you’ll be fine now that is a little bit you’re not sure about the pattern not sure where to go there you can always pick up my absolute favorite pillow that it just sent an email comment we use and every project is the mohair pedal and it looks something like this and it provides a nice texture again you can get these and Gray’s you can get these in black screams whites you could add two if you wanted to but again it just adds nice bit of texture and a little something to your couch. So I hope those three arrangements have been helpful and inspires you to change up your couch pillows are one of the most easiest and fun ways to show your personality and add some flavor and excitement to your home.

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