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Hi everybody I’m Kelly and I want to talk a little more about my decor and explain what is a decor and answer some of the most commonly asked questions. So to give you just a brief overview of the e decor program is with a decor you are getting a fully curated room package. So what does that include it includes a design board within the design board is absolutely every item you need to finish off your room the next thing it includes is a floor plan of where all those items in the design board go within your space it then includes a shopping list of where you can purchase those items you then go and get them as time and budget allows and I’m here as a resource to help you I love this program because I think it gives access to a beautiful room to a beautiful space that we all want and deserve but may feel a bit overwhelmed with traditional design services.

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So with this though I wanted to answer some questions that you may have that I thought might be running through your head that I hope that I can clear up for you. So a few of the commonly asked questions that I’ve got first one is what if I don’t like the design what if you provide me with a design board and I don’t like it I can completely understand that question and that’s why with my EDA Corps program we will work on the design until you absolutely love it till you love every pillow every throw every item on there I also asked at the beginning for you to provide me with some inspiration pictures. So whether that be through Pinterest or house or through magazines and usually after about seeing three pictures I’ve got your style and know where to go from there one of the other things which kind of is the next thing which I answered here what if you don’t know my style I understand this obviously I probably have my own preferences and taste but what I love about doing this EDA Corps is I get to play in a lot of different styles and this has come up a lot for clients what if you don’t know my style maybe I’m more traditional than you or more modern or whatever it may be again once you send me a few inspiration shots I’m able to pinpoint what your style is and work within those parameters if you look at the testimonials on my website you’ll see that’s one of the things I’m really proud of is that clients have had that concern and I’ve been able to understand and represent their style one of the other things what if the items I choose will be too expensive good question well I always work within a budget.

So I ask you at the beginning what is your budget and work within that that being said I think one of the things that makes my program unique is that I’m looking and sourcing items that I feel are the best value product for the best pricing and to be honest with you I’ve never had anyone today to say that I’ve sourced something that has been completely out of their budget. So again but once you have a budget will work within that I won’t know how to pull it all together okay. So this is why you’ve got the whole package that’s why we have the design board of all the items the floor plan will show you and then you’ve got the shopping list I also include a follow up design coaching call.

So what this is is once you’ve got all those items we’ll touch base by phone or by Skype and you can talk to me if you’re not sure where to put that pillow or you know how the couch is supposed to go on the rug or little questions like that I can answer that for you and move you to the next steps with it the price is too high of your program now I actually haven’t received this but I’m just go on throw it out there okay someone thinks bad this is the beauty of my program is that it’s a really accessible way to get a fully designed room also I save you time and for sure money time and running from store to store you like and checking out and comparing different products pricing in the fact that I know where to go to get that best couch to get the best chair to get the best rug and the best pricing. So by far you save more money than you pay for the feet to me I need someone to see my home. So this would be maybe from someone who’s a virtual client. So for local clients I do do an in home consultation that is one of my packages if you’re not a local client I do it virtually the funny thing is I’ve actually done a couple recently where they’ve been local and we’ve done it virtually and it’s worked out great it just sent me pictures of their room measurements and we’ve been able to go from there what if the items aren’t available. So sometimes I’m a source things from a store the items are not available no problem let me know I can source something else also too if the store doesn’t maybe have that exact route at the time or that exact pillow usually because of the style I’ve gone with of that particular store they’ll have something similar. So you’ll be able to at least get that direction to go in and last one this is kind of funny because I’ve received this a couple times is my husband doesn’t want to pay to have my room designed I actually just did a room recently where the husband wasn’t sure and about paying and the funny thing was at the end he loved it because they had been back and forth and arguing over different styles or where to buy the couch and where to buy the chair and he was. So happy to have someone come in third party put it all together for them and take away that stress and for them to be able to enjoy the room. So I know that may be a bit of a generalization but just in case your husband has any concerns. So I hope that answers some of your fa Q’s if you do have any direct questions please feel free to call or email me and I’d love to welcome the opportunity to provide you with decor with love thanks.

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