ABOVE: Nancy created each individual package hanging on the pegboard on the wall.

BELOW: The little girl sitting outside reminds Nancy of her daughter.

Great selection of unique and one-of-a-kind miniatures, you would understand why. I take back what I said about my mum’s âœsplurgingâ. I think I matched that. After I had returned home and placed all my minis in various doll’s houses, I realised I had so many more mini toys than I had space for in the youth rooms of my houses. That is when I designated a cache for the extra toys.

At first it only contained the marbles and the horses my daughter never knew she almost had. I added to it the wonderful litde âœmagic pad❠(I wonder if you can find it in tlie pictures of the toy store), tinker toys, and a vast array of other items I found at the shop.

For several Christmases and birthdays in a row, my mom and sister gave me Angel Children dolls by Ethel Hicks. I enjoyed making litde âœdoll boxes❠to pack them in, knowing one day they would be in a store display.

One day, I finally decided I had enough to begin a toy shop, so I built tlie room box, complete widi shelves to stock.

I decided to leave tlie roof open so one could peer in at everydiing from die top.

When I finally pulled out the box I had been stuffing my mini toy collection into for the past few years, I realised that I had underestimated just how expansive the assortment had gotten. I do love a stuffed room box, though!


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