Interior Design Elements

Interior Design Elements

Making a pelmet

Cut a 10cm (4in)-deep pelmet board from 12mm (6in)-thick plywood, making it the length of the curtain track plus about 12cm 5in to give 6cm (2Min) clearance at each end. Glue and screw end pieces to form returns, if desired. Fix the pelmet board to the wall just above the window and track using angle brackets fixed at 20cm (8in) intervals, making sure it will conceal the curtain heading.

Cut out the pelmet shape from stiffening material, making it long enough to fit around the sides and front of the pelmet board. The traditional stiffener is buckram, which is sewn in place with interlining. Iron-on buckram is also available. PVC self-adhesive stiffener can also be used, and makes the job a lot easier. It has graph backing paper, enabling you to cut your own designs easily, and several printed designs that can be followed. The single-sided type of self-adhesive stiffener, which has peel-off strip on one side and integral velour backing which acts as both lining and Velcro on the other, requires no lining; but the double-sided type, which sticks to both front fabric and lining to give a neater finish, does.

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Cut out the same shape from the main fabric, adding 3cm (IKin) for a turning all round. Attach the stiffener to the wrong side of the fabric. Turn the fabric edges over, clipping into the curves and corners so that the fabric lies flat. Cut lining fabric 1.5cm (Min) larger all round than the pelmet shape. Turn

Unsewn fabric, draped in an elegant curve across the top of this narrow window and finished with a puff at each corner, makes a charming unstructured swag. Such an effect is easy to achieve with a ‘valance creator’ and is an appealing alternative to the tortured folds of some more sophisticated window headings and press this allowance under and attach the lining to the back of the pelmet, slip stitching it to the main fabric. Attach the pelmet to the top edge of the board using Velcro -where necessary stapling or tacking the hooked half to the board and the soft half to the back of the pelmet.

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